Our Dreamers are supported by a generous team of Sponsors, who commit to covering program costs and tuition assistance for an entire cohort of Dreamers, from first grade through high school. You can be a Sponsor for an entire cohort or be part of a team of Sponsors, and we welcome individuals, corporations, foundations, and civic and religious organizations to join us. Sponsors also experience the joy and satisfaction of getting to know the Dreamers and watching them grow up -- we invite Sponsors to build relationships with our Dreamers through birthday celebrations, summer activities, and dedicating their time.

Sponsorship starts at $5,000; please contact us to learn more.

Sponsorship Levels

Legacy Sponsor: $250,000 a year over 12 years ($3,000,000 total commitment)
Covers all program expenses for a cohort from first through 12th grade.

Lead Sponsor: $100,000-$249,999 a year for 12 years 

Sponsor: $50,000-$99,999 a year for 12 years

Co-Sponsor: $25,000-$49,999 a year for 12 years

Supporting Sponsor: $5,000-$24,999 a year for 12 years

Scholarship Sponsor 
You can also make a direct donation to the scholarship fund of a cohort. IHDF-NY offers guaranteed last-dollar tuition assistance to any Dreamer who graduates high school. Last-dollar tuition assistance is an average of $8,000 per Dreamer per year. Scholarship contributions are held in a money market account for each cohort; investing in scholarships early in Dreamers’ academic careers can increase the impact of your gift. Please contact us if you are interested in making a scholarship donation.

Meet our Sponsors

Sponsors from all walks of life have stepped forward to start "I Have A Dream" programs. Here are some of their stories:

Jeff Gural
Chairman, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
Sponsor, "I Have A Dream" - New York, Chelsea-Elliott I & II

Jeff Gural sponsored the first housing-based "I Have A Dream" program in the nation. He was so impressed with the success of his Dreamers that he went on to sponsor a second class of Dreamers in the same public housing development.  He also supports programs throughout the region by serving as the Board Chair of "I Have A Dream" - New York. 

"It is rewarding seeing kids who have made it through college and who have gotten good jobs. There is a satisfaction you get in seeing how their lives turn out, especially seeing them since they were first and second graders and now are grown ups."

Harold Friedman
CEO, National Elevator Cab & Door Corporation
Sponsor, "I Have A Dream" - New York, Ravenswood I

Harold Friedman sponsored 80 third graders living in the Ravenswood Houses in Long Island City, Queens. In 2004, Mr. Friedman celebrated the high school graduation of the Ravenswood Dreamers, and also received a proclamation by the Mayor’s Office in recognition of his commitment to his Dreamers.  He continues to serve on the Board of Directors of “I Have A Dream” – New York.  

Regarding his experience as a Sponsor, Mr. Friedman says, "I am amazed by the effectiveness of the Sponsor, staff, parent and Dreamer relationship. The combination of trust and long-term perspective build the good will and energy to achieve our goals. Simply put - we are all Dreamers."


Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Foundation
Sponsor, "I Have A Dream" - New York, Ravenswood II

The philosophy of The Elmezzi Foundation, mirroring that of its founder Thomas Elmezzi, is that all people are entitled to pursue their dreams, have the opportunity to realize their fullest potential and have the right to be productive and contributing members of society.

In 2006 The Elmezzi Foundation began sponsoring a group of 3rd graders in the second “I Have A Dream” - New York program to operate in the Ravenswood Houses located in Long Island City, Queens. Our Ravenswood II program currently serves 65 high school sophomore and juniors who are all on their way to realizing their dreams of earning a college degree.  

Jose Rivero, Chairman of the Board, says “We have seen the dedication from the IHDF-NY Program Directors and are very pleased with the progress the Dreamers have made towards their goals. I am looking forward to their graduation from College/University.”