Spotlight On Dreamer Alumni: Jason Estevez

Name: Jason Estevez

Dreamer Cohort: Felix Rohatyn

Year joined program/Which grade were you in? 1986/6th Grade (P.S. 137 - Lower East Side)

What did you think about “I Have A Dream” – New York when you were in school? I thought very highly of the program, I knew it was a valuable program and i was appreciative.

What High School did you attend, and what year did you graduate? Amityville Memorial H.S. Graduated 1992

Did you go to college/secondary school? If so, where and what did you study? I attended LIU-C.W. Post, in Long Island. Major in Business/Finance

What are you doing now? I am currently with Dept. of Homeland Security-U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Svc. as an Immigration Officer.

How would you explain the “I Have A Dream” program to someone who had never heard of it? I would tell them the program provides guidance to further your Education, creates opportunity for inner-city children and lays the groundwork for enhancement in life.

How did being a Dreamer affect you? The program changed the way i envisioned my future, our program mentor (Sam Sanchez) instilled in me, and the other Dreamers, the program's principles. It taught me how to value education. 

What were some of your favorite memories about being a Dreamer? The friendships and connections made as a result of the program are priceless. The mentoring sessions and workshops were invaluable.

Would you be where you are today without “I Have A Dream” – New York? Why or why not? No, growing up in the Lower East Side we were limited in Education-development, counseling and after-school activities. The program gave us goals, vision and focus.

What does your family think of “I Have A Dream” – New York? My family is grateful.

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  Dreamer Alum Jason Estevez

Dreamer Alum Jason Estevez