Volunteer mentors and tutors are an essential part of our programs. The bonds that volunteers form with Dreamers can last a lifetime.

For volunteer opportunities at all of our programs, please read below and contact the programs directly. Or, contact us. 


Melrose II “I Have A Dream” Program (Class of 2012)

Number of Dreamers: 30

Current Grade: College Freshmen and Sophomores

Contact: Thierry Cazeau

Office: 212-293-5488


Chelsea Elliott II “I Have A Dream” Program (Class of 2016/2017)

Program Location: 322 8th Avenue, Suite 200, New York, NY 10001

Number of Dreamers: 71

Current Grade: 9th & 10th

Contact: Treston Lambert, Assistant Program Director

Office: 212-627-3086; Fax: 212-627-3059

DeHostos “I Have A Dream” Program (Class of 2014/2015)

Program Location: 201 West 93rd Street, New York, NY 10025-7416

Number of Dreamers: 43

Current Grade: 10th to College Freshmen

Contact Information: Marvin Cabrera, Program Director

Office: 212-222-2448; Fax: 212-222-2449

East Harlem “I Have A Dream” Program (Class of 2023/2024)

Program Location: PS 7, 160 East 120th Street, Room 201, New York, NY 10035

Number of Dreamers: 65

Current Grade: 2nd, 3rd & 4th

Contact Information: Nancy Restrepo-Wilson, Program Director

Office: 212-860-5892 


Ravenswood II “I Have A Dream” Program (Class of 2015/2016)

Program Location: 14-01 36th Ave, Apt 1A, Long Island City, NY 11106

Number of Dreamers: 60

Current Grade: 10th & 11th

Contact Information: Karlisle Honore, Program Director; Matt Wright, Assistant Program Director

Office: 718-472-5589; Fax: 718-389-3959


Plainfield (NJ) "I Have A Dream" Program (Class of 2012)

Program Location: Plainfield High School, 950 Park Ave., Plainfield, NJ 07060

Number of Dreamers: 65

Current Grade: College Freshmen & Sophomores

Contact Information: Larry Johnson, Program Director 

Office: 908-855-2905